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The Smith Guide to Landscape Maintenance in Claremont, CA

Few people consider the actual value of landscape maintenance in Claremont, CA. It could be because they’re distracted by the ideal weather, the low crime rate, or the good schools. It could be also that they are simply too busy with daily life to crunch numbers on the household budget, never realizing that they are being taken for a ride until it’s too late.

However, it’s probably because they were told that their landscape maintenance was going to stay within a certain budget, and never did. Not even once. Read on to learn how to avoid those pitfalls.

How it Gets Out of Hand

Its pretty easy for Landscape maintenance in Claremont to get out of hand quickly, when you consider some running costs. Use these tips to keep an eye on your costs, and increase value along the way:

  • Get a quote to know the average hourly fee in your area.

  • Ask if equipment is included in the price.

  • Remember that cheaper isn’t better.

Know the Fair Market Value

For most people, that last one is a doosey. Remember that once you have a fair market value in mind for your landscape maintenance in Claremont that is based on multiple quotes, the goal isn’t to try to undercut it.

The goal should actually be to get the best work at or around the price point. That means that your landscape maintenance may come somewhere above or below the fair market price by a few dollars, but the quality of work should be the best you have seen.

Do You Know Your Options?

Make sure that you are truly aware of your options by checking the portfolio of work that your potential company offers online. This can usually save a lot of time when looking for landscape maintenance. Any legitimate company in today’s day and age has a website, and that website should feature past work, testimonials, reviews, etc.


Finding landscape maintenance can be a long, tedious task. At Smith Landscape, we work to provide the most transparent services we can, while providing value to your home, and giving it that all-important curb appeal.


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