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Artificial Turf

Looking to give your home a natural touch without the hassle? Artificial grass installation is the solution! It's perfect for outdoor spaces, giving you great aesthetics, easy upkeep, and lots of fun. Some people are choosing fake grass to beautify their outdoor areas, and it's working wonders. Not only does it make your home look better, but it also adds to your lifestyle and helps the environment. So, if you want a lush green lawn without the trouble, artificial turf is the way to go!


A good artificial grass installation starts with the right foundation.


  • Existing soil is excavated to provide a grub-free surface area.

  • We then bring in three to four inches of compacted hard-pack, providing a solid, smooth base.

  • For our playground systems, we add a layer of recycled padding to reduce injuries from falls. Our playground systems meet ASTM and ADA standards.

  • We then install a unique line of artificial turf engineered to withstand California's region’s warm, dry climates. Our products are manufactured with heavier and stronger face weights and product compositions that reduce surface temperatures.

  • The final step is to apply silica in-fill on top of the grass surface to provide ballast and additional comfort. We also offer infill options made specifically for pets and further temperature reduction.


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Testimonials From Our Clients

Stacey Smith and his team exceeded our landscaping expectations. He took our budget and really made every dollar count. We plan on working with him again, and I’d recommend receiving a quote.

We had a pretty complex idea of how we wanted our backyard to work. We were looking for a landscaper that we felt we could trust, and Stacey was that man. His people were on time each day, and the project completed right on schedule. Hire him, or at least get a quote. I believe his prices are fair.

Jeremy Biggs

Mark Castillo

I hired Stacey Smith and Smith Landscape and Masonry for a renovation project. Since working with him those years ago, I have continued to request his services for all of my house flips and renovations. If you are looking for high quality work at a good price point, I recommend him.

Gianna K. Strausse

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