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Landscape Maintenance

Committed to Quality

No other Landscaping Service in Upland or the surrounding Inland Empire features the Smith touch. High quality landscaping and routine maintenance is proven to prolong the life and beauty of your property. When your property stays beautiful on a constant basis, it’s value stays high while going up steadily over time.

Smith Landscaping uses proven long-term methods to improve and maintain your property’s value for the long run. Using master techniques on your soil, plant material and your landscape’s ecosystem,  we develop and include a landscape assessment plan that fit into your site management requirements.

Using an extensive review process, we cover all aspects of the landscape including:

  • irrigation efficiency,

  • plant health, turf care,

  • design issues and

  • renovation needs.

This review can be incorporated into long-term budgets to assist in future planning and cost controls.

For Residential or Commercial Landscape Maintenance give a call us today to get started. 

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