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The Smith Guide to Patio Covers

Finding a good contractor to install patio covers Claremont CA has to offer is pretty straight-forward. You’ll want to get your hands on a few pieces of information that can help you decide who to trust, who to invite over for an estimate, and who to put on your do-not-call list.

Look at other Patio Covers Offers

The most obvious thing you can do to get good service is to look at other patio covers Claremont CA has to offer by yourself. I’m sometimes baffled by the lack of research that some of my clients perform before they hire a contractor.

Needless to say, I find sometimes myself undoing and redoing a lot of work that some other contractor has left unfinished or poorly done. Get referrals around the neighborhood, and the name Stacey Smith is bound to come up. If that’s enough research for you, it will come up again when you do the next thing in my guide.

Anonymously and Organically browse Google

Let’s not call it spying, let’s call it research. By running a search on one of the top search engines in the world, like Google, Bing, or Yahoo! you are bound to find Smith Landscape and Maintenance along with some others. But here’s the really important thing about searching for your next patio cover contractor: Don’t click on the paid advertisements.

Keep your search organic and only look at the companies that ranked high in the search engines without paying for it. Why is this important? Simple: Search engines reward hard work, stability, staying power, and a commitment to educating visitors. These hard-working companies are the ones that you want to focus your time on. Any fly-by-night contractor can pay for an advertisement, but only the most trust-worthy brands make it to page one. Start there.

Use Google’s image search for Patio Covers

If you have more time, or you are the get down to business type of client, then that’s okay too. Using Google’s image search feature is a great way to sample the work that is on a webpage before actually going to it.

A word of warning, though: many searches for patio covers Claremont CA may not be included, and your results could come from anywhere. I’d say that if you aren’t the most comfortable with technology, then to use the first tip an not rely too heavily on this one.

Trust your gut…and the BBB

In the crucial phase of hiring a contractor, do yourself a favor and look up your contractor before you call them for a consultation. Remember that the contractor that handles your patio covers should be:

  • bonded,

  • licensed, and

  • insured

As an added bonus, check them out with the Better Business Bureau and other review websites. If all else fails, and this is too much for you do, just contact us. We’ve been installers patio covers Claremont CA can trust long enough to know exactly what you need.


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