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Drought Tolerence

Drought tolerance means that plants can survive with little water, even during dry spells. These plants are great for areas where water is scarce, as they don't need much to thrive. The best part? They're low-maintenance and tough, so you can choose drought-tolerant landscaping to deal with the conditions without much fuss. 


By choosing drought-tolerant plants for your garden, you'll save water, spend less time watering, and help the environment stay healthy. Plus, they still look beautiful, even when it's dry outside. So, if you want a garden that can handle the heat, go for a drought-tolerant landscape design and make the outdoor space of your home eye-catching.

A good landscaper will know how to select plants so that you can have flowers from early spring to late autumn. In Southern California, where drought is an issue, a landscaper should consider drought-tolerant landscaping; it is an excellent way to reduce water consumption while still maintaining lush, vibrant plants and flowers.  Another way to save on water is to incorporate more hardscapes and fewer softscapes.

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